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A second chance

It can't be a good thing...

4 December 1964
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Muraki Kazutaka has been returned to life in Calimport.

Character's Physical description: Muraki is a tall man, with fine silver or platinum blonde hair. His skin is pale and his eyes are also silver, though a little darker than his hair colour. One of his eyes is false and very un-natural looking; he tends to keep it hidden behind a curtain of hair. He also sometimes wears thin-rimmed silver glasses, but not always, and he has a penchant for wearing white, which often gives him a pure, angelic air.

Character personality: Mysterious comes to mind. He tends not to let people find out too much, if anything about him, and those that see his true side are more often than not his victims. He has a prominent sadistic streak, seeming to derive a great deal of pleasure from causing pain and killing, and hinting at a preoccupation or obsession with blood (How he remarks that Maria looks more beautiful covered in blood, how he laps up the blood from Hisoka’s bleeding hand, etc…). This may be because he is a vampire of sorts, feeding on ‘life energy’, or perhaps it is to do with his frustration at the weakness and frailties of humans? Or maybe it is just another part of his complex psychosis and he finds it exciting or stimulating? What ever the reason, there is no doubt that Muraki is a cold blooded killer, completely able to distance himself from the suffering of his victims – this is likely a trait he developed when training as a doctor, though it is possible he was brought up that way anyway seeing as physician was his family’s occupation of choice. Similarly, he may have developed his keen sense of patience in these ways – he is able to lay down complicated plans and keep himself from rushing into them. There is probably no better example of this than his plans to resurrect his brother and finally kill him with his own hands – a plan at least 15 years in the making (if you follow the manga timeline) though the need for revenge has consumed him completely. In the anime and the manga you can see he has fallen a little further each time you encounter him, the madness truly ruling him by the end of the Kyoto arc. At that point, when the hope for revenge is taken away from him, one must wonder, what does Muraki have left? Seeing as all of his plans encountered in the manga have been solely focused on that one goal of being able to end his brother – even in when in a round about way such as the first time he tried attracting the attention of JuOhCho to test and try to harness the power a shingami possesses. I am of the opinion Muraki goes missing after Kyoto (as we are informed and even shown in the latest story that he is still alive) to reflect and gather his thoughts and maybe to even try and see what can be done about making his brothers remains viable (assuming any were left at all). One thing is for sure, he is not the sort to just fade away – if not for anything else, he will return for vengeance on the ones that took away his chance to be free of his brother’s memory forever.

Character History: The only known, living member of the well respected Muraki family, Muraki Kazutaka took on the family profession and became a doctor. He has one true friend; Mibu Oriya – who he has known since his school/college days, who now runs the restaurant and brothel “KouKakuRou”. Although it may be considered that Muraki takes advantage of this friendship for his own means, Oriya certainly sticks by Muraki and even tries to stall the shinigami for him so he may complete his nefarious plans. Muraki also has a fiancé, Ukyou, but very little is known about her. They have been an item at least since his high school days, but the exact nature of their relationship is unclear – especially with Muraki’s seemingly promiscuous nature. Muraki is a known murderer, yet has no criminal convictions – always covering his tracks well to all but the shinigami so he may entice Tsuzuki to him. Having crossed Tsuzuki’s path again and again, he finally captures him and attempts to transplant his ‘dead’ half-brother’s head and spinal column onto the shinigami’s powerful and self-healing body. This plan fails when Tsuzuki regains consciousness and stabs Muraki seemingly fatally and then calls upon Touda; one of his loyal shikigami to burn them both away. Muraki is pulled from the flames by someone or something – but we do not know what; except that, according to Hisoka, it is pure evil. We do not see Muraki conscious again, but we do see him returned to KouKakuRou where Oriya and Ukyou care for him.

Cause of Death: (this is a complete fabrication as Muraki is still living in the current volumes of manga, and the details mentioned here are embellished from some very bare facts) Muraki was killed at the age of 39 during a demon ritual that went awry. The summoned demon was to aid Muraki in removing the curse placed upon his fiancé Ukyou since the time of her birth; a curse which would claim her life should she ever lose her virginity, meaning her life was a chaste one. After having lost the remains of Saki (his half brother), Muraki was forced to abandon his plans for resurrection and revenge and after a time finally decided to go ahead with marrying Ukyou, to whom he was betrothed. Of course, before the marriage could go ahead, it was necessary to remove the curse from his fiancé. Unfortunately for Muraki, the demon he summoned turned out to be less willing to help than he had anticipated – and having been released upon the mortal realm, it killed the one who had summoned it so it could not be sent back, and went on a rampage. Fortunately for the public, Tsuzuki and Hisoka were dispatched from JyuOhCho to exercise the demon –although it was already too late for Muraki.

Character's Weapons: Muraki does not tend to rely on weapons, but he has been known to use revolvers and large blades on his victims. Being a doctor, he also has access to many medical supplies that could very easily be used as weapons, but this is merely speculation. His higher than average intelligence and knowledge of the occult may also be deemed ‘weapons’.

Character's powers: Although Muraki is human, he has several powers; although these are not his own as such. He relies on his knowledge of the occult to summon creatures to do his bidding, and to allow him supernatural powers such as being able to teleport. He also has a mechanical eye, and it is believed this is the reason he is able to see the shinigami even when they are in spirit form and can elect who may see them. It is also thought his mechanical eye has some kind of night vision.

Character's Kept Power: If Muraki were to retain a power in his restored life, it would be to keep his mechanical eye and have the powers and capabilities of that. Although it is only hinted at what the powers of this eye may be, I think the power that should be kept should be the power to see creatures that may be in spirit form, or otherwise supernaturally hidden from human eyes.